In the Spotlight: Dr. Bruce Walker, Chaplain

Dr. Bruce Walker received his Chaplaincy certification from Global Oved Dei Seminary
and University (GODSU) at the GODSU Fall 2017 Graduation.

Dr. Bruce Walker Chaplain

Bruce Walker: father, engineer, nurse, entrepreneurship, and author was born July 21, 1965 in
New Orleans, Louisiana. Bruce was one of five children brought up by the love of a single
mother in the projects of New Orleans. He was the first in his family to graduate from college.
However, he was not the first in his family to live by the shining light brought to each member of
the family by a mother who held her children to very high standards and a loving expectation
that life is a gift.

Bruce is a product of the Orleans parish public school system. Bruce started his professional
education at Delgado Community College in 1986 and as a result, began his professional career
in 1988 as an Engineer at Cajun Electric Power Co-operative in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He
later decided to further his studies in the area of nursing and in 1992 he began attending
Southern University and A&M College Baton Rouge, Louisiana. However, because of his selfish
ways and the 4 woes he described in his book, Bruce found himself homeless by 1994. Thanks
to a dear friend Bruce was able to get off the streets and finished his Bachelor’s Degree in
Nursing in 1996. Bruce went on to receive his Master of Science Nursing Degree in 2002, also
from Southern University.In 2000, Bruce became part of the management-ownership team of Luling Rehabilitation
Hospital in Luling, Louisiana. Bruce was a co-owner in the facility and sold his interest in 2002 in
order to go home and open his own facility in New Orleans which was named New Orleans East
Rehabilitation Hospital. As a native of New Orleans this facility allowed Bruce to deliver
healthcare in the city in which he was raised. The facility was completed and opened in 2004
but in August of 2005, Hurricane Katrina would come calling. The devastating impact of
Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans would force New Orleans East Rehabilitation Hospital to

Bruce received special permission from Medicare to move the facility after Hurricane Katrina to
Baton Rouge, Louisiana which he operated until 2009 under the name of South Baton Rouge
Rehabilitation Hospital. In 2008, having a desire to bring inpatient rehabilitation services to a
market in need, Bruce began construction on Ascension Gonzales Rehabilitation Hospital,
located in Gonzales, Louisiana. This state of the art facility opened its doors in September 2009.
Bruce is one of the only Registered Nurses to utilize his experience to build from the ground up
a rehabilitation hospital owned and operated by a Registered Nurse.
Bruce became an author in 2013 when his book The Four Woes of the Struggling Man was
published. The book examines four main challenges of growing up in a changing world. In
addition, Bruce produced and hosted a weekly local television show which aired on Fox Network
for five seasons, “The Bottom Line.”
Bruce has now been in the healthcare field for nearly 20 years, he is presently semi-retired.
Bruce is currently working in the healthcare field providing consulting services in the areas of
Rehabilitation Medicine and Hospital Management. To God be the glory for the good He has

Working with the Black Nurses Rock Organization
As Vice-President of BNR, he is committed to bringing my 20 years of healthcare experience
and my dedication to this grassroots organization. His primary commitment to this organization
is to make himself and his experience available to the President, Board Members, and the
General Membership of this innovative and exciting organization.
His motivation and passion will be focused on increasing the participation of minority males to
the nursing discipline and the opportunities that this profession brings. He will be working
diligently with the Board Members who will be chairing the marketing, awards, and scholarship
committees. He will work with them to develop and then achieve the goals set for the
organization. Finally, his commitment to this organization is to make it so we will never have to


Chaplains are essentially empathetic trained leaders attached to a secular
institution/organization. Our Chaplains are certified and licensed. Also, Chaplains may be
ordained, commissioned by a particular domestication, or like GODSU, appointed. Initially,
Chaplains have been associated with representatives of the Christian faith; however, now the
term is used as a representative of any faith. At GODSU, the Interfaith Love Chaplaincy is
offered to accommodate non-Christians, or other spiritual people who have received their call to
serve others, in a way that is non-denominational or interfaith.

In general, Chaplains are expected to serve the spiritual needs of others. Here at GODSU, we
embrace the fact that people primarily need to be shown love, kindness, and empathy as human
beings. Not all Chaplains serve in the same areas. Some Chaplains deliver spiritual messages,
perform wedding or funeral ceremonies, administer sacraments, provide regular counseling, and
function as an advocate. Chaplains work in different areas and can be attached to many
professions from hospitals, military, law enforcement groups, political bodies such as The
United States Congress and Senate, to educational institutions, sports teams, and even some
corporate and music groups.

For more information on how to register for our Chaplaincy program, please visit our website:


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