In the Spotlight: Amal Masri, Chaplain

Amal Masri received her Chaplaincy certification from Global Oved Dei Seminary and
University (GODSU) at the GODSU Fall 2017 Graduation.

Amal Masri,Chaplain

Mrs. Amal Daraghmeh Masri was decorated by French Republic with Chevalier Legioned de
Merite d’Ordre National. She was the First Prize Winner of “Best Woman Entrepreneur in the
MENA” and listed as One of Ten Global Women Entrepreneur & Leaders by the International
Council of the Small Enterprises, USA.
Amal is CEO of Ougarit Group, Editor in Chief, CEO, and Founder of Middle East Business
News​. Mrs Masri holds many positions in local business organizations working for the
advancement of women in Palestine and across the Arab world. These positions include: being
board member of Islamic Reporting Initiative IRI, and founding member and former President of
Business Women Forum of Palestine.
She is Founder and former Board Member of Middle East Business Women’s Network, Member
of the Arab International Women’s Forum – London, and sits on the Steering Committee of the
Fostering Women Entrepreneurs in the ME initiative.
She is a member of the advisory board and shareholder of Mixberry Media – USA and a
member of the Palestinian-American Chamber of Commerce. She is President of Palestine
Accueil (part of FIAFE Paris). Amal is a member observer in the Private Sector, Development
and Trade Sector Working Group (PSDT SWG) – LACS.

Mrs. Masri organizes and heads economic events that tackle economic issues such as
unemployment. She was voted as being one of the ‘Top Ten Influential Arab Women working in
Public Relations in the Arab world’ and ‘Model Arab Woman.’ She regularly appears on TV and
radio, in Palestine and overseas.
In 2010, she developed and organized the first PR Conference in Palestine, which was
celebrated as being the third of its kind in the region. She has spoken at many international
conferences: New Arab Women’s Forum in Beirut; the Middle East Business Women Forum in
Dubai; Union for the Mediterranean Conference Spain, and many others.
Amal is married to Khaled Masri, her business partner. She is one of nine sisters, has two
daughters and one son. Amal was educated in France.


Chaplains are essentially empathetic trained leaders attached to a secular
institution/organization. Our Chaplains are certified and licensed. Also, Chaplains may be
ordained, commissioned by a particular domestication, or like GODSU, appointed. Initially,
Chaplains have been associated with representatives of the Christian faith; however, now the
term is used as a representative of any faith. At GODSU, the Interfaith Love Chaplaincy is
offered to accommodate non-Christians, or other spiritual people who have received their call to
serve others, in a way that is non-denominational or interfaith.

In general, Chaplains are expected to serve the spiritual needs of others. Here at GODSU, we
embrace the fact that people primarily need to be shown love, kindness, and empathy as human
beings. Not all Chaplains serve in the same areas. Some Chaplains deliver spiritual messages,
perform wedding or funeral ceremonies, administer sacraments, provide regular counseling, and
function as an advocate. Chaplains work in different areas and can be attached to many
professions from hospitals, military, law enforcement groups, political bodies such as The
United States Congress and Senate, to educational institutions, sports teams, and even some
corporate and music groups.

For more information on how to register for our Chaplaincy program, please visit our website:


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