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Global Oved Dei Seminary & University (GODSU) EMPOWER U™ Men's Wealth Health & Entrepreneurs Conference is presenting 1 Billion ways to take businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to the next level with BILLIONAIRE Dr. Michael V. Roberts, Billion Dollar Empire Builder and mogul and noted as the most successful BLACK ENTREPRENEUR in America. He will be joined by other nationally recognized leaders with proven track records in finance, federal procurement, business, real estate and personal development. The GODSU EMPOWER U™ Men's Wealth Health & Entrepreneurs Conference will be held at The Courtyard Marriott Hotel Fort Lauderdale SW/Miramar, 14500 SW 29th St, Miramar, FL 33027 (954) 450-1801 Friday 02-19-16 at 6:00 pm, Saturday 02-20-16 8am - 7pm and Sunday 02-21-16 10am- 12 noon.

The illustrious topics and panelists include: Acquire Billionaire status with Commercial Property, Hotel; TV Stations, H.E. Dr. Michael V. Roberts JD; WEALTH HAS NO RACE, How to immediately create a Wealth Path, H. E. Dr. Diane Moore-Eubanks, Become a Mogul at 20 years Old, H.E. Cairo Eubanks, Wealth using Real Estate Strategies to Buy Property, H.E. Dr. Willis Eubanks, Wealth by do Business with the Federal Government, H.E. Dr. Janelle Billingslea, The Wealthy Women Coach, Dr. Latonja Eppinger, Wealthy business practices, H.E. Dr. Stanley Fleming, A Wealthy Retirement using Financial Services, Dr. Roger Silvera, Spiritual Wealth through GODSU Christian Chaplaincy, Rev. Dr. Joseph Hickman, Professional Image for Success and Wealth, H. E. Dr. Renee Allen and Study to be Approved a Wealthy Spiritual Approach to Bible Study, Rev. Dr. William Blake of Global Bible Institute.


Platinum level Career and Entrepreneurs Fair with representatives from Top Level Companies will be conducting interviews and hiring ON THE SPOT.


Mentor vs. Mentee Basketball Tournament featuring former PROFESSIONAL NBA PLAYER Horace Burton and organized by H.E. Dakar Eubanks, Everglades High School Varsity Team

About Global Oved Dei Seminary & University (GODSU): Global Oved Dei Seminary & University (GODSU) is a web-based learning institution. Our institution, GODSU is divided into an INTERFAITH University which includes Leaders from the Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Baha'i and Sikh Communities and a CHRISTIAN Seminary (Global Bible Institute with earned degrees). GODSU hosts online as well as on-site classes, training and conference events taught by its powerful world renowned faculty, which provide tools and techniques to enrich the community.

Birth of GODSU EMPOWER U™ Men's Wealth Conference

GODSU has an extensive network of faith based leaders in the business community.

GODSU believes that implementing the GODSU EMPOWER U™ Men's Wealth Health & Entrepreneurs Conference on February 19-21 will provide men with the practical tools and techniques through seminars which will create as well as expand profitable men-owned business enterprises with an immediate economic impact.


Friday, February 19, 2016 at 5:00 PM - Sunday, February 21, 2016 at 5:00 PM (EST) -

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Courtyard Fort Lauderdale SW/Miramar - 14500 Southwest 29th Street Miramar, FL 33027 -

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Sponsorship Opportunities

There are wonderful opportunities to sponsor, advertise and be a vendor at this life changing and tranformational event. It will be held at the Courtyard Marriott in Miramar, FL on February 19 - 21st 2016. Please click here for details

The Right Honorable, HE Rev. Dr. Diane Moore-Eubanks JD OEA, Chancellor

The Right Honorable Her Excellency Rev Dr. Diane Moore-Eubanks JD OEA, is the Founder and Visionary of GODSU Which means Global Oved Dei Seminary & University its seven institutions: Global Bible Institute, GODSU Financial Services GODSU Credit Union, GODSU Chaplaincy Program, GODSU EMPOWER U Leadership Conference, GODSU Books, Arts & Apparels, and GODSU Jr. Ambassador Program

She oversees this conglomerate of institutions with a vibrant Board of and Alumni Association. Her experiences have led her to have a passion to make a difference in the lives of others through quality educational programs, services that will make a difference in your life. She has an extensive and varied background of being a:

  • Chaplain and Spiritual Minister
  • Educator
  • Business Mogul
  • Inspirational Motivational & Transformational Speaker
  • Financial Service Expert in 8 states: New York, Maryland, Georgia, Texas, Florida, Virginia & Washington DC.
  • Lawyer of over 21 years specializing in Negotiations, Contracts, Real Estate, Patents and International Transactions

Dr. Diane Moore-Eubanks was born under humble circumstances to Charles A. Moore Order of Distinction and Bernice Moore, a retired College Professor of 50 years in Kingston Jamaica. Her father was born without riches but with excellent principles and values. With only a middle school education he ensured her mother and siblings attended the best schools. Dr. Diane started her teaching career in 1986 after matriculating from Florida State University with BSc. Chemical Science minor Biology Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa and University of Florida with a Florida Teacher Certificate. She completed her Juris Doctorate degree at Georgetown Law Center, was barred in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania as well as licensed in the Caribbean at Norman Manley Law School, University of the West Indies. She also attended the Department of Army School of Contracts, University of Virginia.

Attorney Eubanks' legal career started 23 years ago as an intern at Black Entertainment Television under Attorney Deborah Lee (current President of BET). She then worked full-time as an Assistant General Counsel at the Department of Navy, vetted at the Clinton White House on Cabinet members such as Secretary of State, Madeline Albright and Secretary of Defense, taught high level Pentagon officials, served as Legal Counsel at the Naval Medical Research & Development Center, the Naval Hospital where she specialized in Patents, Government Contracts and Procurement. Dr. Diane left Government service to create stellar Real Estate Law offices in Maryland, DC and Virginia.

She soon began her journey which has allowed her to utilize her strong educational foundation, faithful relationship with God, a love to help others and the ministries of Law and Teaching. This led to the birth of Global Oved Dei Seminary & University(GODSU). Today she has created a platform for earned educational pursuits as well as to recognize the lifetime accomplishments and services of others in a way that provides an opportunity to reach, teach, empower and transform more people in this global community that we live and serve in.

She is a wife of Dr. Willis Eubanks for 29 years. They share 3 children, Sudan 8, Dakar 18 and Cairo 20 years old. Dr. Diane continues to live by her motto: “Service is what we give for being blessed with life. The greater our love of service , our love for education and self-development should increase. As our Blessings increases we can strengthen our communities, our abilities to transform mindsets, and ultimately build a legacy of wealth.”

HE Cairo Eubanks OEA, CEO and Director of the Jr. Ambassador Program

A young visionary that has an unrecognizable grace that is far beyond her years. Born April 15, 1995, and growing up in Silver Spring, Maryland to an American Father and Jamaican mother, who are both highly educated and accomplished professionals, there is no question that this young lady is destined for greatness.

From a young age, Cairo learned life lessons of responsibility and maturity. She really wants to set the example for her younger siblings, aged 8 and 18, to do great things, and strives to continue to have her parents proud of her.

Groomed for success by her parents from an early age, Cairo earned the title, Her Excellency as a Youth Ambassador-at-large through an NGO in consultative status through the United Nations. She often serves as the Mistress of Ceremonies for the graduation convocations of the Global Oved Dei Seminary and University as well as Director of Youth for Olof Palme Peace Foundation, a DPI with the United Nations.

As Chief Executive Officer of Global Oved Dei Seminary & University (GODSU), she oversees the day to day functions of this innovative and interfaith Seminary and University. And as Director of the Junior Ambassador In-Training program for GODSU, this eloquent young speaker and coach enjoys speaking into the lives of other young people, especially young women influencing them to strive higher, learn public speaking, entrepreneurial skill, journalism and community involvement.

Cairo has been a professionally recognized and corporate spokesperson since the age of 8, coaching for companies like Global Financial Doctor, LLC. Cairo is an impressive lady that has a strong desire to affect change in the world from a sociological perspective to the spiritual understanding of self. Currently attending Cornell College, she is studying International Relations.

As a junior, she has excelled, making the Dean’s List with Honors, and earning a 3.7 GPA during her first and second years of college and assured to do the same as her third year of college continues.

In addition to her studies, Cairo keeps herself busy by actively participating as a member of the French Club, and a lead member of the Black Student Union on campus. Cairo is a “thinker”, passionate about making an impact on the global society. When asked what she wanted to do once completing her studies, she answers thoughtfully – considering what impact she can affect on the world around her. She has a strong desire to experience firsthand the cultures of other people. She looks forward to studying abroad after her undergraduate studies.

As a junior in college she is soaking up every experience of self-expression and self-discovery, expanding her horizons before settling into a definite career choice. She is following in her mother’s footsteps and pursuing a career in International Law.

She has has been chosen to participate in several internships with great organizations including The National Audubon Society, Global Oved Dei Seminary & University. Cairo is currently serving as a Summer intern for The Broward Chapter of the National Urban League.

H.E. Rev. Dr. Michael Roberts JD, CDKA, Dean

Michael Roberts is the classic American entrepreneur. Born to middle class hard working parents, educated in the St. Louis public school system, he worked his way through college and law school to become one of St. Louis’ leading businessmen. Throughout his rise in business, Mr. Roberts maintained a strong commitment to the African-American community from which he came. Locating his headquarters in the heart of this community, his endeavors over the last forty years have created thousands of jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities, raised the level of economic activity and enhanced the quality of life for the African-American community. Mr. Roberts' broad range of professional knowledge and experience developed as both a business owner and public official (St. Louis Board of Aldermen, 1977-1985) encompasses the application of innovative financing strategies for large public projects, public-private sector development negotiation strategies, and successful management techniques for urban commercial properties. His leadership in the creation of innovative strategies for financing of redevelopment projects propelled the City into a major redevelopment phase that lasted throughout the 1980s. In the decades that followed, Mr. Roberts used his extraordinary and creative leadership abilities to build a business empire that encompasses television and radio broadcasting, real estate development, plus hotel ownership and management. Today, he is one of America’s most successful and respected African-American business leaders, and is the recipient of numerous awards such as:

  • 2009 Trumpet Award for Business
  • 2007 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Morehouse College Distinguished Leader
  • Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Laurel Wreath Award

He currently serves on two top level federal committees that address nationally significant issues:

  • Federal Communications Commission Diversity Committee
  • U.S. Department of Commerce National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

And, has been selected as a participant in some our country’s most prestigious programs:

  • Citizen Ambassador Program, Securities Delegation to China, 1996
  • Army War College, 2001 • Joint Civilian Orientation Conference (JCOC) ’75 trip to South America, 2008

Dr. Janelle Billingslea, Professor

Janelle Billingslea is an entrepreneur, innovator, and natural leader. An experienced project and program professional in federal contracting, she has over 10 years’ success building, training, and leading large global teams in implementing critical project and programs. She is currently Deputy Product Director with the Department of Defense and has managed the development of technical solutions from cradle to grave in a portfolio valued at over one billion dollars. Janelle is one of a handful of black women to work in and create technologies that address our country’s most difficult challenges, and she also develops innovative strategies to get minority businesses engaged in the federal procurement process.

With a deep commitment to supporting those underrepresented in contracting and technology, particularly African American women, Janelle is Founder of InnovAcq, a consulting firm that advises small business about how to do business with government. As a teen, Janelle was a star runner and athlete, earning a Gold Medal in the Junior Olympics. She completed both her undergraduate studies in Political Science and Graduate studies in International Affairs from Georgetown University. She volunteers as the Chief Financial Officer for the Emergent Leaders Network, a non-profit organization that provides scholarships and mentoring to Community College students seeking to transition to a traditional college or university and obtain a four year degree.

David Anderson, Professor

David M. Anderson is a 15 year Radio Veteran and Founder of Empowerment Radio Network since 2012. With millions of listeners and creating a mass infrastructure, Anderson has already began his legacy with his 4th successful business venture. Past ventures include mass communications: film, television, radio, as well as real estate, precious metals, finance, business consulting, and educating others on strategic investments. Attending Morris Brown College with Mass Communications as his direction, Anderson has been functioning on that level since his first interaction with Radio One 1994 moving internationally by 1998.

David M. Anderson was born in New York City, NY and is an only child. Born to Paula and David L. Anderson Sr., his background details some of the highest educational foundations. Anderson’s mother, Paula, notably a Director of The Upward Bound Program holds 3 Masters Degrees from Columbia University. Mr. David L. Anderson Sr. attended the prestigious Harvard University. Growing up, David was entrepreneurial by nature and learned early on to apply key life-lessons to positive advantages. Anderson’s uncle, when he was twelve was involved in radio and there David got his first taste of a long journey in the first mass communications platform the world has known. After a taste of independent radio at an early age, Anderson went on as stated before to work with Radio One (1994), CBS Radio (1995) and journeyed internationally to work in Japan by 1998. Working with MTV (Japan) and JWAVE, Anderson’s radio diversification grew exponentially. After 12 months, upon returning to America, Anderson began working with Clear Channel and applying his almost half a decade and now globally inclined knowledge-base.

After gaining work experience and corporate radio acumen, Anderson was looking to begin his own broadcasting company. He entered into entrepreneur competition and was awarded $100,000.00 worth of funding through Miller Brewing Company’s business grant. Anderson receiving funding for his first business venture afforded him his first radio show entitled: MASTERMIXX Radio (2001). Great timing for Anderson as the hit television show “Rap City” airing on BET featured DJ’s in the show’s set “The Basement” and Anderson was a featured DJ from 2001 – 2003. These two years would mark a successful first business venture as well as further expand Anderson’s broadcast pursuits which he would take a break from and circle-back a different brand of Entrepreneur. David Anderson stepped into a bold decision when changing careers totally into the financial sector after a decade in radio adding television prior to the shift. By taking a 9 month internship with National Lending Corporation and as an Executive Assistant to Mr. Hao Nguyen, Anderson gained enough insight and information to begin his 2nd business venture: Business Consultants of America. A place he would be grounded for the next 4 years. During his founding of BCA in 2006, just a year later, on May 15, 2007 Anderson hosted his 1st Multimillion Dollar celebration where Power Networking Conference Founder George Fraser held was the Keynote Speaker.

Obtaining millionaire status by the age of 32 years old, David Anderson was set to show countless others how applied knowledge and tenacity does pay off. Having your business featured in an Oscar-Winning film receives an ovation in and of itself. The Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock chose to utilize David Anderson’s 3rd business venture, Black Soap Laundry in their film in 2009. Diversifying his entrepreneurial career was reaping its due rewards, not to mention The Birth of a Network with BLACKANOMICS debuting on SIRIUS XM on April 4, 2008.

Stanley Fleming, Board of Governors

Thinking Out Loud is what Stanley Fleming does. He is the President and CEO of the same name company. He does marketing, strategic planning, alliance and relationship building, as well as corporate diversity training. In his current role as President and CEO he oversees the total operation of the publishing arm and consulting service. Stanley also is the author of "Now Think On That". The thoughts that he shares are driven by the experiences that he has either had or that were divinely placed on his heart. He hopes that in some way you are inspired by what you read. Stanley is also the proud recipient of Professional of the Year awarded to him from Frasernet Power networking. He has been featured in "Racing toward diversity" on cultural acumen and the changing landscapes in the emerging majority segments.

Curlie McCalla, Board of Governors

Curlie McCalla, was born in St. Catherine, Jamaica and migrated to Ontario, Canada at the age of eight with her parents and three siblings. She studied Accounting and Finance at Centennial College and received her accredited designation as a Registered Professional Accountant from The Society of Professional Accountants of Canada in 1994.

Curlie has worked in the area of management and financial accounting for over 20 years and later became an Intrapreneur, an entrepreneur within her organization in the area of Business Development and Marketing. She is now the CEO and Intrapreneur Development Expert at Empower and Soar where she mentors and coaches individuals in personal and career advancement.

She specializes in empowerment and transformation for entrepreneurial mind professionals who have the insatiable desire for the pinnacle of success in their careers. Curlie’s motto, “If you are not an entrepreneur, then become one in your corporate job”. Curlie is fiercely committed to her clients’ success. Her quiet yet powerful personality, positive demeanor and award-winning smile, gives her a calm yet confident air of invincibility.

In May 2015 Curlie was recognized as one of “100 Black Women to watch in 2015” from the Canada International Black Women Event. With such tenacity she is determined to ensure others bloom where they are planted.

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