Teresa R. Martin, Esq., Board of Governors, Committee Chair Strategic Planners & Development

In a career encompassing more than fifteen years, Teresa R. Martin has established herself as a successful attorney, entrepreneur, real estate investor, author, and speaker. Teresa earned a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and then earned her J.D. from Touro Law Center.

Teresa began her legal career at Debevoise & Plimpton as a Contract Attorney in 1998, served as Case Manager at Owens Corning from 1999-2001, was a Specialist Assistant counsel for the New York City Law Department in 2001, and then was Managing Partner at Smith Martin LLP from 2001 -2003. Since
2003, Teresa has overseen the Law Offices of Teresa R. Martin in New York City, where she has provided
the highest levels of client counsel and representation, specializing in foreclosure and debt issues. From
2004 to 2009, Teresa handled many contract assignments with local law firms and other organizations.

Always committed to doing more, and giving back to society, Teresa has piloted many of her own organizations, entities which are geared to the empowerment of women. She is currently the Director of Operations at Generational Wealth Zone, and organization dedicated to providing financial education and literacy. Teresa launched this organization from its inception in 2013, and it has grown steadily. Teresa has successfully introduced many products into the marketplace, which include do -it-yourself credit restoration programs, a turn-key real estate program, home study real estate courses, and other important products.

Teresa has also been at the heart of other organizations. For example, since 2009, she has been Principal and Director of Operations for the Real Estate Investors Association of NYC. This is one of the region’s premier real estate investment associations, serving the greater New York City area. The goal of the organization is to help members build and preserve wealth in the real estate market.

Teresa is also the Principal and Director of Operations for Women Investo rs Strategic and Social Exchange, which she has piloted since earlier this year. The organization is a free membership entrepreneurial networking group for women, and is dedicated to improving the financial capabilities of those they serve, and also promote the need for personal financial education.

In addition to the aforementioned experience, Teresa has served as a Board Member for the National Real Estate Investors Association, as well as being Board Member and Former President of BetterInvesting (New York Chapter). Her work within the community has resulted in many honors, which include the Community Service Visionary Award from the Royal People Group and Peoples Baptist Church.

Teresa, always involved in community-based efforts, has worked with or volunteered for such leading and worthwhile organizations as Habitat for Humanity, Coalition for Debtor Education, and Fellowship of Companies for Christ International.

Teresa has also been featured in leading magazines, such as Money Magazine, and she has been featured in other books and publications.

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