H.E. Dr. Helen Dela’Houssaye-Clay, CDKA CDSE, 2nd VICE PRESIDENT

No stranger to the corporate world, Helen has over 15 years on Media experience, including radio broadcasting. Her expertise contributed to the growth and development of billion dollar companies. Her experience includes Marketing and Branding executive positions at:

  • CBS
  • Citadel Broadcasting
  • Clear Channel Broadcasting

Contributing to her diverse background, Helen is a successful entrepreneur with businesses that have an impact on lives and community overall.

  • Established a global 425,000 team over 5 years in network marketing industry.
  • Founder and CEP of Marksetters International. A Personal & Business Development Center, founded in 2009. Hosted 3 mega conferences in Atlanta.
  • Successfully mentored 18 families in 2009 to becoming millionaires.
  • First African American Woman to own and operate a N.I.F.L. Arena Football League.

Helen’s success in both the corporate sector as well as an accomplished, notable Entrepreneur has allowed her to become a power house, sought after, eloquent speaker. She is engaging and exciting on stage and leaves her audience inspired, transformed and ready to accomplish any endeavor they dream of. Her seminars and workshops include topics:

  • rising above abuse and abandonment
  • overcoming adversity
  • cancer
  • divorce
  • single parenting
  • Building a business/balancing a life
  • Personal Development & Management

Helen has graced the speaking circuit with world renowned speakers:

  • Motivational Speaker, Author Les Brown
  • Transformational Coach Lisa Nicols
  • Pastor Serita Jakes
  • Entrepreneur Coach, Dani Johnson
  • Marshal and Stephen Pierce

Her first literary work, Helen co-authored with NY Times Best Selling Author, Lisa Nichols “Living Proof: Celebrating the gifts that came wrapped in sandpaper,” which shares stories of turning tough times into triumphs.

Helen’s debut biographical book, co-authored by award winning, author, Omar Tyree; “Do You Believe: 23 Lessons Before Success shares her story of winning against the odds and the lessons that every entrepreneur should master while becoming successful. A personal account of one woman’s story of not only surviving abandonment by her mother and father, as well as domestic abuse by her spouse. In the end, reveals how she turned her stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Through her personal account of reflecting back on the days of her childhood,Helen shares candidly her pain, suffering and eventual healing. Her story is one of spiritual,physical and mental triumph that she shares to give hope to others. It is a bold, yet poignantly-told story of courage and triumph. Helen D. Clay has filled these pages with truth, compassion, reveals inspiration to anyone who’s had to overcome.

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